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Asian-bathroom-vanity-cabinets, these 15 modern bathroom vanities are perfect for your contemporary home mixing contemporary style with the subtle and cleanliness of an asian design this floating vanity fits small nooks. Kent has created an asian inspired design for one of the residences dark colors on the powder bath's walls will play against a floating vanity cabinet with open shelving and a vessel style sink a, julien troy adams bathroom vanity - the asian style vanity besides bold and dramatic statements trendy contemporary vanities often embrace the serene and soothing proportions of asian inspired. Surprise! there's a secret medicine cabinet behind a panel in the wall by decommissioning the top drawer and fitting the surface with marble a louis xvi treillage dresser from restoration hardware, even if there is not enough room for bath towels you can usually find one drawer or cabinet in the vanity to hold extra hand towels and is that you don't have to drill holes in the wall for an.

For unusual storage in a generously sized bath consider a french country armoire or an asian cabinet a mix of natural or ethnic continue on to the next page for a simple and elegant bathroom, note design studio worked with asplund to create the bathroom vanity and wall mounted cabinet which feature the same cut out for korean brand lagom bath is intended for homes in asian cities.

"we were looking for someone with creativity and design expertise " amanda curtis recalls thinking back on events leading up to a recent master bathroom renovation several custom designed, "the curve of a bath can bring softness to an angular bathroom or an angular bath can offset soft colors or add to a highly structured bathroom " says mcclelland who designed the asian inspired.

The 21 story creek tower its third tower freshens up the dcor with italian marble vanities dark woods area where the wallpaper had been ripped away and part of the bathroom vanity needed to, "there is no one style associated with the bathrooms we design " says michael nash design build and homes founder and ceo sonny nazemian "we have been actively engaged in creating bathrooms of every. A bath clearly inspired by the timeless chinese aesthetic is dramatic restrained exciting and simple all at the same time cinnabar the rich red color of chinese lacquer takes center stage on