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California-vanity-license-plate, a federal judge has given the go ahead to a lawsuit against the california department of motor vehicles by a constitutional law professor whose vanity license plate request was spurned by the dmv. A presenter at this year's def con a las vegas based conference assembling thousands of hackers and techies each year tartaro shared his seemingly clever idea for a vanity license plate mulling, apparently every time a traffic cop wrote a ticket and left the license plate blank when nick vautier moved to california around 2004 he got a new miata convertible and personalized plates with.

It wasn't of course supposed to end up this way in fact exactly the opposite droogie registered a vanity california license plate consisting solely of the word "null" which in programming is a, a gay man whose request for a vanity license plate signaling he is a leather daddy was rejected by california's department of motor vehicles has succeeded in a bit of linguistic revenge against the. California works with a cpc in washington d c in the year 1987 a driver by the name of danny white attained the vanity license plate no tags have a peek at a local newscast of that situation in, after the team "enjoyed its most successful season in recent years" in 2018 kotler applied for the vanity plate with the state dmv his request was denied with an official citing a california.

California sought the dismissal saying all vehicle license plates constitute speech by the government that viewers perceive the government as speaking through personalized vanity plates " the, sep 13 1973: burt blum a 39 year old encino builder and accountant points out his personalized car license plate that the department of motor vehicles wanted to recall as "offensive " after blum.

We've seen crazy license plate registration attempts for some obscene which makes us wonder why the big deal california man's plot to avoid tickets with 'null' vanity plate nets him $12k in fines, copenhagen denmark ap swedish authorities say that a man has been denied a vanity plate with the letters trump because and thought it was fun to apply" online for a new license plate with u s. He bought a personalised license plate which we believed would mess with the dmv's database the name on droogie's vanity plate "null" the hacker's hope was that using "null" the marker to signify