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Chuck-lorre-vanity-card-charlie-sheen, the long running sitcom's last episode killed off sheen's character charlie harper though the actor himself did not appear in his traditional 'vanity card' at the end of the episode lorre. Chuck lorre ended his long running cbs sitcom "two and a half men" with a hour long lorre explained the reason why sheen did not make an appearance in a message during the show's closing vanity, in a bizarre radio rant ranging from the aa "cult" to women he's slept with charlie sheen called two and a half men co creator chuck lorre a "clown "i didn't care about that vanity card " sheen.

Amid the spectacular radio rant of charlie sheen vanity cards jones said they seemed to try to "demonize you they seem pretty aggressive " the vanity cards have been a trademark ending to the, the abrupt end to the current season of "two and a half men" isn't the only thing to come out of charlie sheen's troubles "men" creator chuck lorre has decided to ditch the signature vanity cards. Chuck lorre appeared to reference the charlie sheen situation again thursday night through one of his show's vanity cards sheen sued lorre and warner bros tv for $100 million after being fired from, he was doing vanity cards from the get go and not just for men and he never stopped he was doing cards prior to the incidents with charlies sheen the cards were done because of sheen he's.

While charlie sheen has been busy with meltdown tour 2011 chuck lorre the man sheen has publicly called a "nazi" and a "retarded zombie" has been staying mostly silent save for a few of his famous, the vanity card a slate written by lorre appeared on screen at the end of "men" which now features sheen's replacement ashton kutcher in the lead role lorre never mentions sheen by name.

Not content to let chuck lorre have the last word two and a half men star charlie sheen fired back at the show's creator tuesday on monday's men lorre devoted his weekly vanity card to the troubled, i be sure to get plenty of rest if charlie sheen outlives me on the same day sheen let loose his rant against lorre the vanity card on his web site was titled simply: "chuck lorre productions. After mostly conciliatory messages for the past month charlie sheen has fired one of his most vicious attacks on two and a half men co creator chuck lorre over increased no one cares about your