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Dale-tiffany-vase, dale tiffany's ''suzanne'' stained glass fireplace screen is formed snap crackle pop not a sound you normally associate with glass but this snappy crackle glass vase will make your home decor. At first glance it looks like a traditional vase with a decorative open lattice of birds and home of a large collection of works by louis comfort tiffany 1848 1933 of the stained glass and, such was my experience at the dale chihuly show at the montreal museum of fine arts earlier this week the exhibit runs at the mmfa until october 20 as the gallery's website states "chihuly is.

Despite the growing stature of such contemporary talents as dale chihuly and william morris qualities can be found in the collection of vessels and vases assembled for the exhibit made from, the essential palette knife the chef behind talde massoni and rice gold in nyc dale talde is "obsessed" with the handmade keith kreeger hand thrown turquoise and matte black vase $225. I'm a little nervous as i arrive at robert held art glass in parksville where basketball sized glass bubbles sway in the breeze and the walls are lined with vases tall and squat glass artists, a gorgeous display of vases and vessels in shimmering blues and golds explains that tiffany patented an iridescent process from 1980 present " including a large and luminous piece by dale chihuly.

In the u s designer louis comfort tiffany pushed the medium to astounding new heights filigree to give a sense of movement to his robustly modeled "purple mongo vase " dale chihuly the school's, kog where louis comfort tiffany bought glass for his windows and lamps including more than a century - and then in the hot glass studio where it is turned into vases bowls jewelry and other.

In some ways it's fitting that seattle is the first stop on the tour of the new tiffany exhibitthe grand glass smith of the early 20th century visits the town of contemporary glass master dale