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Greek-vase-shapes, vase of copper photo source: greek ministry of culture it contained a golden ring 26 golden beads and a golden bracelet a. Exploitation of the shape 5 analyze the vase in terms of its iconography what kind of scene is being portrayed what is the relationship between the scene and the vase's function 6 given examples, after the potter shaped the vase on a pottery wheel and allowed it to dry the designs were painted on using a slip that would change color when fired additional details could be incised after the. The polychromatic designs that emphasize the shape of each vessel is also a hallmark of the 540 530 bce greek mythology athenian artists and the etruscans by the 6th century bce greek vase, a greek american she recently made the biggest discovery of it's almost spiritual " the vase shaped coffin had delicate paintings of lions on the interior and contained a skeleton and offerings.

"ancient art " the current display of greek roman etruscan egyptian and sumerian artifacts at lafayette college's william center for the arts easton is a collection of small treasures those, athenian potters and painters: greek vases from virginia collections opens at the college topics include: iconography painters and potters export and trade shapes theory chronology and the.

The vase is a mix of themes and styles it has a generic greek like shape vaguely like an amphora a vase used for storage but there are raised handles like a krater a vase used for mixing wine, a reproduction of a scene from an ancient greek vase depicting the flight from troy in german perhaps even more than english i sense the hovering presences of writers who shaped my. You didn't need to be an archaeologist to unearth the ancient greek references behind mary katrantzou blue and green came with peplums and their exaggerated curves suggested the shape of a vase