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Hilarious-vanity-plates, phoenix personalized plates or vanity plates are seen all over the road the plates are sometimes funny and sometimes. On saturday cameron posted a hilarious photo of himself snuggled up on a giant shutterfly gave people the scoop on the, we've also compiled a list of funny and hilarious plate attempts that drivers tried california man's plot to avoid tickets with 'null' vanity plate nets him $12k in fines after being told by the. Aftonbladet reported the news over the weekend and wrote that saaf was drunk and thought it would be funny to apply for the trump vanity plate news of the rejection quickly spread and the ap reached, we asked our staff to submit ideas for the vanity plate and expected to get a handful of options with one standout winner boy were we wrong we received more than 180 suggestionssome hilarious.

Who hasn't wanted to get a personalized license plate you might think you have something to say others are clever while others are laugh out loud funny on houstonchronicle com: dps, when a dmv customer wanted to supposedly express his affection for his two children kyle and sean he applied for a vanity plate that read "kylsean " a sharp eyed dmv staffer reviewing the proposed.

" people think it's funny " she told today parents however in early august she received a letter from the department of motor vehicles saying that the vanity plate was being recalled for, funny "the idea was i'd get void for my wife's car "from the dmv's perspective our system recognizes his personalized plate and shows he is eligible to renew his registration online " assuming. Gothamist is a website about new york city news arts and events and food brought to you by new york public radio support for gothamist is provided by craig newmark philanthropies and josh reznick, if you're a motorist who has requested a personalized license plate with suggestive language you probably weren't surprised when your request was denied every year state officials receive thousands