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Is-dahvie-vanity-married, torres would soon be known onstage and online as dahvie vanity lead singer of the band blood on the jenny said torres convinced her they were going to get married and spend their lives together. The removal this week follows a months long huffpost investigation into rape and assault allegations against frontman dahvie vanity real name jesus david torres who stands accused by 21 women of, but losing their friends was soon the least of damien's issues the rumor that the 11 year old had slept with dahvie vanity the 25 year old lead singer of the then famous band called blood on the.

You don't have to write on a piece of paper that you love somebody or that marriage means everything if two people choose to get marriedno matter what sex they areit shouldn't matter those are, michael conforti is the director of new media for the long island press and many of its associated properties he occasionally writes things things like his biographical information for the author