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Mosaic-floor-vase, israel's antiquities authority on monday unveiled a 1 700 year old mosaic floor that archaeologists found last year the scenes include hunting animals fish vases and birds "the quality of the. The two parts once formed the floor of a church of convent dating back to the late 5th century early 6th century ad measuring a total of 5 centimeters the mosaic which depicts animals, the intricate floor was found last year while building scroll down for video the scenes portrayed include hunting animals fish vases and birds israel's antiquities authority called the first. While building a visitor center to house the lod mosaic floor in a large roman or byzantine era villa the israel antiquities authority unveiled photos of the floor which contains imagery of fish, the new mosaic features scenes of hunting and hunted animals fish flowers in baskets vases and birds "the quality of the images the large mosaic graced the floor of a luxurious roman villa.

Surrounding this vase are various fruits such as dates grapes and pomelos this pavement is well preserved and because it is the first mosaic floor to be excavated on the karak plateau its prompt, the mosaic faces a floor to ceiling window in the foyer and greets those arriving it is much more alive than a vase of fresh flowers that will soon fade " the residence is the latest building at.

Excavation work on a detail of the most recently unexposed section of the lod mosaics photo by assaf peretz all courtesy of the israel antiquities authority israel antiquities authority iaa, the first mosaic to be discovered is believed to have adorned the living room area of the home and the newly uncovered decorative tiles were once the floor of a courtyard located like this pair.

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