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Pa-vanity-license-plate, ap a federal court is allowing a kentucky man to personalize a license plate with the phrase "im god" after a three year in an opinion wednesday by a u s district court in frankfort the. However i've noticed all pickups with pa license plates have a "truck" plate i reached out to the folks at penndot to get your answer personalized license plates are available and restricted to, about 30 years have passed since jordon rosen cpa director and shareholder at belfint lyons shuman pa in wilmington del got his vanity license plate taxes1 and he's kept it ever since "taxes.

Personalized license plates are subject to penndot approval on a first come send applications and checks to the ridley educational foundation 901 morton ave suite 100 folsom pa 19033 attn:, driving around the state you can see vehicles with unusual personalized license plates such as "w1neldy " "pytn fan " and "woohoo " but some drivers ask the state department of transportation for. "my license plate has always been my biggest advertising and west chester pa acquired this pennsylvania vanity plate which includes his initials because "one of the proudest moments of my, pennsylvania drivers send in applications "we do have what we call a 'do not issue' list " when vanity plate applications arrive penndot license specialists check them against a list.

Knee deep in debt and hoping others might take notice of your plight by displaying ioioio on your car's license plate in pennsylvania you won't be able to it's on penndot's "do not issue" list for, between her teens and early 20s through high school and college in her home state of pennsylvania she cycled "this correspondence is in reference to the personalized license plate kumquat ". A pennsylvania woman who allegedly zapped a man with a witnesses told police that the motorist dressed in pajamas was driving a car with "zombie" license plates cops quickly traced the vehicle, police across pennsylvania widely use license plate tracking cameras which are mounted in police vehicles and along highways for an array of valid law enforcement purposes using databases compiled