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Understanding the well foundation

The foundation is a piece of the construction of the building that is entrusted with setting out the building and sending the building load on the upper structure/superstructure, the ground is sufficiently solid to help it. In this way, the foundation must be considered. for example, the weight of angina, seismic tremors, and others and there ought not to be an abatement in nearby foundations or a lessening in equally dispersed foundations over specific points of confinement. In the meantime, you may need to visit www.dallastxfoundationrepairs.com if you need a reliable foundation repair expert.

One foundation that is often used is a well foundation. This type of foundation is used in hard soil layers that are not too deep. In some countries, this type of foundation is widely used because the implementation is simple, no special and inexpensive equipment is needed.

The well foundation can be pre-casted in the form of a reinforced concrete caster or locally cast during the work to the depth/height required. The well foundation can be made to a depth of approximately 15 meters depending on the type of soil above the hard layer. For the condition of the soft/loose soil layer and high groundwater level, a buffer or an open emperor is needed so that the soil excavation wall does not collapse.

The foundation of the well as well as the direct foundation must be placed at a depth that is not affected by grinding.

How to make a foundation

If the cylinder/well is made in pieces (sections), after casting the sections, then at least 7 days before opening the reference/formwork and intermittent 14 days before the renewal section is lowered.

After casting the next section, 3 reference days can be opened and a decrease can be made.

Cylinders – cylinders must be lowered perfectly and part. In the cylinder is dug in time of decline. When the bottom edge of the cylinder is lowered on the rock.

After the cylinder is in the final position, the inside of the har-us is cleaned and cast with an ordinary concrete or cyclops concrete mixture, which is a concrete mixture with river stones with a ratio of 70% concrete mixture: 30% river stone, this concrete is intended as a cylinder ballast.