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These Two Themes Unique Wedding Photo Booth

The existence of a photo booth at a party will indeed make the party more festive and memorable for the guests who come. However, make sure that you use the right vendor and photo booth decoration. Visit dekorasi photobooth to get the right photo booth vendor and what you need.

In a wedding, the photo booth is made and tailored to the theme of the wedding. however, there are several other themes that you can also use.

1. The boho theme
You simply hang a macramé ornament on an old log and then add a few strands of lace, ribbon, or faux fur to perfect the look. You can also put a chair in front of the ornament.

2. Indians
To create a photo booth with this theme, you can use old chairs, wood table, wooden box and lace cloth to make a distinctive Indian tent. If you like the sweet theme, you can choose the fabric of the tent according to your favorite color.