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Playing the Android smartphone games on PC

Emulators allow your PC to run programs that run on devices with different operating systems. To play Android games on a PC, you can simply search for an Android emulator. Some Android emulators have certain Android operating system limitations, so choose the emulator that provides the latest Android operating system so that it is compatible with the games you want to play, for example BlueStacks and NoxPlayer. Meanwhile, you may visit the Online Games is One website to get free bonuses for the goldfish casino game.

Here Medcom.id provides guidance on using the BlueStacks Android emulator.

1. Search for Android emulator software

It’s easy to find an Android emulator. You simply open an internet browser on your PC or laptop then enter the search word ‘android emulator’ on Google search, for example, BlueStacks.

You will be redirected from the Google search page to the BlueStacks website page. Then you simply click on the download option for BlueStacks for Windows. If the download is complete, open the download file to install BlueStacks on your PC or laptop.

2. Enter your Google account

Once BlueStacks is installed, you will be presented with a list of application pages that generally contain Android games. Before playing it, you will be asked to enter the Google account that you have or use on your smartphone.

If the login process has been done then you can freely choose the game you play, for example Mobile Legends. This game is not directly played but must be downloaded the same as an Android game on a smartphone. When the game has been downloaded and installed, the game can be played.

3. Change the game control system

Of course before playing the game you must first know the game control tomobol. The way in the game is running, turn your attention to the icon in the lower right corner that resembles a keyboard.

Click the icon to queue the control button you want. For MOBA genre games such as Mobile Legends you will be presented with two types of game controls, namely MOBA-style controls or WASD controls such as games played on a PC.