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The sensitive rules about women in Arab that you must know

Clothing or clothing is indeed one of the most sensitive. As an Islamic state, Saudi Arabia enforces that women cover their bodies with long clothes and do not show curves. Generally the clothes used are black abaya clothes. Women who’ve been caught for not wearing abaya will be arrested and punished. Apart from that, learn arabic english  you might also need to learn Arabic online.

Interact with nonmahram

Mahram is a family that is haram to be quarreled because of one descendant, one mother of milk and because of marriage in Islamic shari’a.

Traveling to Saudi Arabia for women must be accompanied by a mahram, especially for those who want to worship such as Umrah and pilgrimage.

For that, you should never look at women who are not mahram. Moreover, interacting with different types that are not mahram. In Islam, touching the skin like a handshake is strictly prohibited with nonmahram.

Photographing Government Office Building

Photographing is strictly prohibited in Saudi Arabia, especially government office buildings. And do not ever take pictures of women in Saudi Arabia if you do not want to have trouble with security.

For selfie usually still allowed if being in either own tourist attractions or take pictures in groups. Make sure not to take pictures with nonmahram.