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These are the two best places to put a WiFi router

The wifi network is certainly the thing that many people are looking for now. How come? all their activities and jobs certainly need a stable and fast internet connection. Unfortunately, in some areas, the internet connection is still unstable. Visit www.mangoesky.com/home to get a stable internet connection even in areas far from the city center.

If you have wifi at home, it will be very good if your wifi router is placed in the right place. There are two right places to put your wifi router.

1. Open place
There are many ingredients that can absorb the router signal and reduce its performance. To maintain optimal signal performance. Choose a position that is free from squeeze and make the router visible from anywhere.

2. Not near other electronics
Keep away from other electronics Keep your router away from other electronic devices, such as microwaves, cordless phones, and TVs. Any device that produces electromagnetic signals can interfere with and weaken the performance of WiFi signals.