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Tips for dealing with android smartphone problems

Today, smartphones are one device that can hardly be separated from everyday life. Not only is it used to communicate, but also transacts, does work up to playing games. However, sometimes these smartphones cannot perform their functions to the full. That problem can appear in several ways, such as applications that cannot be accessed until the connection is connected. In the meantime, you may also need to know the recommended phone repair service near you.

Fortunately, Android-based smartphones have a way to deal with all these things in an easy way, so there is no need for someone with special expertise.

Clean the application cache

One that is often a natural Android user is an application that doesn’t run as it should. One of them is often closed suddenly (force close), or not accessible.

For that reason, closing the application directly through the recent apps menu is one way that can be used to overcome the problem.

The trick is quite easy, users just have to see what applications are running from the recent apps feature, and sweep applications that are considered problematic.

If this method has not successfully resolved the problem, the user can delete the cache data from the application in question. Users simply enter the ‘Settings’ menu, then ‘Apps’, and open an application that is considered problematic.

Once opened, the user simply chooses ‘Clear Cache’ to delete unused data. In addition to ‘Clear Cache’, users can also choose ‘Clear Data’ to make the application in a condition when it was first installed.

Connection problem

Android smartphones usually have several features that support many connections, ranging from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, including cellular data. However, problems often arise so that each feature cannot be used.

To overcome this, one simple way is to turn on the airplane mode for a few seconds then turn it off again. Basically, it doesn’t differ much from choosing to turn off the cell phone and then turn it on again.

Through this method, all these features will be rebooted and reset to the starting position. As such, all features are expected to resume as usual.

Another way to overcome the connection to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is to make the cellphone ‘forget’ the previously connected network. This way, the cell phone needs a code to be entered to be able to reconnect.