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Things that the customers expect from their wedding photographer

One thing that should be noticed by wedding photographers is the need we look from the point of view of the client. Show how we work, how many photos they want, what styles they like, romantic or funny for their wedding photography session. The price agreement for this event needs to be approved up front.

Silent Mode

Turn off ‘Beep’ on your camera. We do not want at the moment the important moment to happen, the sound of ‘beep’ interferes with concentration and atmosphere.

Details..Details..and Details, Even The Smallest ones

Shoes, Makeup, Apparel, Smile, Flower, Table decoration, etc. can even add a more story-telling point of view. It can also make the photo album more memorable

2 Camera

Borrowing or even purchasing one camera may further us to immortalize certain moments. I always carry 2 cameras with kit / wide lens, its function is to capture the whole moment or family photos. While the camera with a long lens (semi-tele / tele) I use for candid that put forward the expression of the object. Usually, I wear a 55-200mm or 70-300mm.

2 Photographers

Another thing to consider is to use a photographer partner. One for formal photos and one for candid. Almost the same as using two cameras, but the division of task here is quite clear, and the results are also more leverage, and in addition, because we are not burdened by the label “the only” person who should photograph all the moments.

Decisive, But Do not Too Prominent

The problem of the budding photographer (I also, sometimes) is afraid to arrange the people we will photograph. We are afraid of blocking the views of others when the event takes place. At least we have a higher right than the audience. We may go around during the event. We can also ask the bride to pose in accordance with what we mean, anyway they also nurture.