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Social Media Marketing Facts You Didn’t Know

You live in the era, where social media is chosen as a medium to maximize marketing. Since each businessman or online marketer can choose their own best social media marketing services, you have the chance to do the research and explore the best potential service for your business. However, before choosing to be one of the strategies in marketing your business or brand, five facts about social media marketing the following you need to know:

1. Not an instant thing

It is a misconception that the little content you share on social media can magically have an effect on marketing your product or business. This is something that is impossible. The fact is, building a business with social media marketing requires time, strategy, and of course costs. Many brands or companies that know that being active on social media is one of the keys to success in marketing.

2. Not completely “free”

Social media marketing is more effective to reach specific targets. Keep in mind, social media is not completely free, or even cheap. When thinking about the costs of social media, you can start calculating how much time it takes to create, publish, promote, and monitor a content? All of these things certainly cannot be converted into something that can be assessed with a material. So, still consider social media marketing “free”?

3. Have a good future

With the development of increasingly massive technology, making social media the best choice for marketing a product or brand. The change of offline culture to online is one of the causes. In the past, people preferred to read news through print media such as newspapers or magazines, now they have turned to more practical online media that can be read anytime and anywhere.

4. A strategy is more important than tactics

Optimizing social media marketing without a strategy is a matter of futility. The large selection of social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. makes you have to be more observant about optimizing. The difference between strategy and tactics you need to know, a strategy is a whole plan whereas tactics are actions to achieve something based on the plan. A strategies tactic will always fail. Start with your goals, formulate your strategy, and try to figure out what tactics you can use to achieve your goals.