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Things you must know about the free and shared hostings

In this world, there is a type of free hosting and paid hosting. However, anything that is free certainly has the disadvantage of limited features. We can find free hosting everywhere like on wordpress.com, blogger.com. Aside from that, perhaps you should consider trying the $1 hosting for your new website, especially if you want to save more budget with a trusted service.

Free hosting is a hosting service provided by hosting providers for free.

They provide hosting for those of you who want to create and manage blogs/websites. But according to what I said earlier, that free hosting has limited features. Usually in the form of limited disk space.

In addition, if you create a blog using a free hosting service, then your domain name will be [domainname] .wordpress.com or [namadomainanda]. Blogspot.com.

Actually, you can make your domain become [yourdomainname] .com only with free hosting. Want to know how?

The trick is to rent a domain. That way, trust in you will be one step higher than fraudsters

You don’t want your domain to have a .wordpress.com or .blogspot.com attachment? Looks not professional especially for those of you who want to focus on doing business using blogs. People might be afraid and think you are a fraud.

Usually, the fraudster uses blogs with a free domain. You don’t want to be equated with them? So, immediately you use a paid domain so that you are not equated with even fraudsters.

In addition, there are also so-called shared hosting.

Shared hosting is hosting that is most often used by most professional bloggers in the country (local) even to the world. This type of hosting is included in paid hosting and is no longer “free hosting”.

The price is also quite diverse, per year with 1-5 GB of space and unlimited bandwidth.

However, if the visitors to your website/blog are already very large, then you must upgrade it. I suggest that you upgrade to VPS Hosting which will be discussed after this.