The Differences of A Condo and An Apartment You Should Know

In developed countries like Singapore, many property developers are developing buildings such as hotels, shopping centers, and residential dwellings. One of the dwellings developed in a modern way is a condo. This building has a vertical shape and is very popular with tourists who vacation in Singapore. This is supported by limited land to establish horizontal settlements because of the expensive land prices. Especially for countries like Singapore. Compared to other Southeast Asian countries, Singapore has a relatively small area. One of the condos that became the center of attention today is The Opus.

Actually, do you know the difference between apartments and condominiums?

Judging from its ownership status, property experts say that once an apartment was a vertical type of building whose status was only leased. So that residents are not entitled to sell or rent back to other people without the knowledge of the apartment owner or developer. While condominiums are vertical types of buildings and consist of several floors, the function is for sale. The condominium occupant is also the owner of the condominium unit he owns. The buyer is entitled to resell his condominium or lease it back.

But in this era, the development of The Opus apartments is also not inferior to the existence of a condominium. This places the position between the apartment and the condo almost parallel. Besides that, now the apartment can be the right of the occupants if they want to buy it. That is what makes the status between these two types of occupancy more and more erased. No wonder many people are often confused with the terms apartments and condominiums.

While in terms of the building, although they are vertical buildings it turns out to have differences. Condo buildings are generally only equipped with two or three towers, while apartments have buildings that are lined with these towers.

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