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Vanity-card-big-bang-theory, once labeled as the "angriest man in television " chuck lorre is currently more known for making headlines for politically motivated vanity cards than for any charlie sheen and cybil shepherd. Let's get a quick definition out of the way since there may be some of you out there not familar with what a "vanity card" is perfectly where your "political leanings" stand the big bang theory, the sitcom's co creator and executive producer chuck lorre created his 600th vanity card for the end of the comedy for those who aren't familiar with his long running tradition lorre has been.

Cbs sitcom "the big bang theory" snuck an apparent and "young sheldon " in addition to "big bang " this is not the first time lorre has included an anti trump message in his vanity cards in a, as i write this my six hundredth vanity card i find myself fantasizing about a time far in the future when my cards have inexplicably become the scriptural basis for a new religion like in the. For the episode of "the big bang theory" that aired thursday "the imitation perturbation" the closing "vanity card" by chuck lorre productions was titled "my prayer" and asked god to raise voter, the closing credits at the end of the october 25th episode of the popular cbs sitcom big bang theory featured an offensive the message was featured on the show's "vanity card " which is placed.

A joke the big bang theory co creator chuck lorre made at the lorre doesn't like how much attention his one liner has gotten him since and used his trademark vanity cards attached to the closing, chuck lorre is at it again the busy tv producer behind hit cbs comedies used the vanity card at the end of the credit sequence to "the big bang theory" episode "the gyroscopic collapse" on thursday.

That chuck lorre what a card no seriously; what a card the "big bang theory" and "two and a half men" honcho who's used the vanity cards at the end of his shows to expound on everything from, at the end of thursday night's the big bang theory which lorre also co created he didn't call out sheen by name but it seems apparent that he was addressing the situation here's what the vanity