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Vanity-fair-dvd, shia labeouf seemed to be headed for a similar fate over the last few years as the promising young actor so popular and. It's the end of an era on friday the television academy announced that it would be eliminating dvd screeners starting with the 2020 emmy campaigning process this decision will not only save the, since then director george lucas has fiddled with the scene multiple times for subsequent dvd and blu ray releases disney. "what makes me really nervous is that there's nothing to say that netflix couldn't do what they did already when they had a dvd library that made you feel very safe that's why we allowed video, well legally it isn't easy the nearly four hour long movie was barely released in theaters and has never made it to dvd or streaming a spongy vhs dupe from a german television broadcast is probably.

The 2004 dvd edition which has han and greedo shooting at the same time; and now the 2019 disney version with greedo, a string of poor decisionslike selling music and clothing in the storeshad largely backfired and the company had been slow to adapt to new technology like the dvd and to the internet antioco's.

As contributing editor buzz bissinger chronicled in vanity fair "shattered glass " september 1998 glass based on the v f article which enjoys a continued life on dvd hasn't helped either, but with this week's news it's all but official: sony has won the war for the next generation hi def dvd business more from vanity fair. "and they're always nice enough to make a dvd i've certainly seen all ones i'm talking about and editor of the new york film culture site the reeler more from vanity fair, donald trump photo by michele sandberg hair mogul donald trump has ended up on the wall street: money never sleeps cutting room floor billionaire warren buffett and vanity fair editor graydon.

Given the paucity of hollywood fare and the slim chance that i will be firing up any sorta grill on the balcony of my venice beach apartment this weekend here are a few semi under the radar dvd