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Vanity-fair-lindsay-lohan, lindsay lohan is shocked at the number of female stars who starve i'm going to throw up ' "at the vanity fair magazine shoot of all the young stars no one ate i was going straight to the pasta. The highly controversial vanity fair article about tom cruise using scientology to search for a wife has set off rumors of other hollywood actresses being auditioned including scarlett johansson and, lindsay lohan has confessed for the first time she has suffered from bulimia and battled with drugs the young actress lost a dramatic amount of weight last year after her parents divorced but always.

The jonas brothers are probably going to have a number one album; all that is primed for a revival; and lindsay lohan and paris hilton are out at some over the top l a nightclub more from vanity, when mtv gave lindsay lohan a reality show about her mykonos beach club it was hoping she might reinvent herself in lisa vanderpump's image a sensible queen ruling over a gaggle of minions who bring. "people have always given me trouble for going to clubs " lindsay lohan announces in the new trailer for her mtv reality show lindsay lohan's beach club "so [i thought] why don't i just open my own, at one point during the premiere of lindsay lohan's latest projectlindsay lohan's beach club an mtv reality showthe actress assesses the rsums of potential employees "they need to be ambassadors.

Goodbye mykonos hello new york: lindsay lohan is back the former actress turned beach club entrepreneur has landed stateside and she's ready for something lohan was photographed walking, isn't it great because if anything ever changed paris hilton would grow out of saying bitchy things about fellow aughts era teen dream lindsay lohan and then what would gossip rags have to work.

On monday lindsay lohan dropped a trailer for lindsay lohan's beach club and then on tuesday a photo shoot and interview with paper magazine she dressed up as candy hued disney princesses spoke, here's what we know about the newly ignited lindsay lohan paris hilton feud according to vanity fair lindsay lohan and paris hilton first started feuding back in 2007 prior to that the duo. You vanity fair reader might have heard from liftn the weightlifting site that lindsay lohan is dating je yong ha a wealthy korean bodybuilder who calls himself the "korean hulk " the story made